Three-channel digital transceiver SQ range

Three-channel digital transceiver SQ range was used for working in consisting of the bispectral system of the transmission of information BSPI-1/2/3. It provides transfer and reception of the digital information to a range of frequencies of 1,5-30 MHz simultaneously on three independent radio channels.

Appearance of the digital radio station Structural diagram
 Appearance and structural diagram of the digital radio station 


 Working range of the frequencies receiving and transmitting tracts: 1,5 - 30 MHz
 Operating mode: half-duplex with 1, 2 or 3-th carrying frequency
 Sensitivity of the receiving tract in band of the frequencies 10 kHz at signal-to-noise merit 3 dB not worse 10 uV
 Set-on accuracy of frequency of digital receiver: 0,01 Hz
 Digit capacity ADC of the receiving tract: 12 bit
 Digit capacity of output data of the receiver: 16 bit
 Introducing of a signal on receiver output: complex form
 Set-on accuracy of frequency of digital synthesizers in a transmitting tract: 7*10 -7 Hz
 The modulation of the transmitter channels: digital quadrature AM, PM or FM
 PC Interface: LPT (EPP 1,9) or USB 2.0
 Power supply: 12 V, 2,8 A
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