Multi-channel subsurface radar

It is intended for subsurface sounding of different mediums with width of a strip of capture 1,2 m.
Depth of sounding up to 2 meters, number of active channels of sounding 7.
Appearance of the radar


 Generator pulse duration:1 ns
 Center frequency of antennas:1 GHz
 Programmed amplification:0-80 dB
 Overall dimensions of the antenna module:700 1240 650 mm
 Time of independent work:not less than 6 hours
 Weight:200 kg
Parameters of the microwave commutator :
 Number of channels :8
 Decoupling between channels :60 dB
 Switching time of channels:not more than 100 ns
Parameters of a carrier module:
 Amount of wheels:4
 Diameter of wheels:462
 Geometrical dimensions:1850 1236 1450
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