UWB sensors for detection moving objects

Sensors are intended for detection of moving objects in heavy weather conditions. They can be placed behind walls, under a surface of asphalt, concrete or a ground.

Sensors are used as a part of perimeter protection system, building indoor protection system. They are realized on the basis of new technologies with use a ultrawideband (UWB) measuring signal.

Appearance of sensors
Features of sensors

The Sensor UWBS1 - a off-line work, a low power consumption, wireless transfer of an alarm signal on removed distance. Lowest radiated power (less than 30 dBm/ MHz) . The Sensor UWBS2 - determines distance from a moving object and transfers coordinates via interface RS232.


 Bandwidth: 30 - 1000 MHz
 Range of detection: up to 3 m
 PC interface: RS232(UWBS2)
 Dimensions: 100x50x10 mm(UWBS1, without antennas),
550x230x30 mm (UWBS2)
 Power supply: 3V, 3 mA (UWBS1),
5V, 50 mA (UWBS2)
 Weight: no more than 100 g
Opportunity of a multithreshold detection of approaching objects
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