UWB Radar for remote alive objects monitoring

It is intended for remote monitoring for people, allocation of signals of breath and palpitation. It can be used for subsurface introscopy, definitions of positions of objects behind walls, definitions of thickness of dielectric layers with high resolution (about 1 sm). Appearance of the radar


 Pulse width: 0.2 ns
 Bandwidth: 3.1 - 10 GHz
 Spectrum density: -43 dBm/ MHz
 Sweep number points: 1-4096
 Distance range: up to 100 m
 Pulse repetition frequency: 1 MHz
 Energy potential: 140, 160 dB for 10, 0,1 Hz bandwidth
 PC Interface: USB 2.0
 Power supply: 12 V, 0,9 A
 Receiver and transmitter unit dimensions: 120x130x200 mm
 Weight: 3 kg
 Corresponds to requirements FCC on spectral density of radiated signals
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