TENZOR High-Tech Company Ltd.

TENZOR company was founded in 1994 and has its office at Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky).
TENZOR is a company specialised in Time-Domain Measuring Instruments and Systems (time domain reflectometers, ultra wide band oscilloscopes, picosecond pulse generators, antennas and dielectric measuring systems), Ground Penetrating Subsurface Radar, Microwave Equipment for Satellite —ommunication.

Ownership -Private . No of Employers -15.
Genral director TENZOR company: professor Alexander Andriyanov.
The chairman of directors board: Gairat Ikramov.

Tenzor Co. supporting the following directions of investigation:

  • Development and manufacturing of the equipment with use of ultra wide band (UWB) signals pico- and nanosecond duration (life sensors, subsurface radars, dielectric spectrometers, moisture meter, time domain reflectometers and sampling oscilloscopes);
  • Measurement of objects and materials reflecting and absorbing ability (electromagnetic scattering);
  • Time Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy of materials, substances and products;
  • Measurement of a soil moisture, raw materials and products of a meal on the basis of measurement dielectric permittivity in high freguency and MICROWAVES;
  • Measurement of MICROWAVES component parameters in time domain including antenna parameters.

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