High Resolution Subsurface Radar

  •  High rate of data gathering: 8 Mbit/s;
  •  A wide range of choice pulse duration: from 5 to 0.1 ns;
  •  Monostatic and bistatic option;
  •  Energy potential: 90 dB;
  •  A wide range of antenna systems;
  •  A possible of multi-channel option.
Radar appearance with  shielded TEM antenna (bandwidth 0,5-6 GHz)


 Generator pulse duration from 0,2 to 5 ns
 Frequency range (depend upon pulse generator) 110 GHz
 Number of sweep points from 16 to 2048
 Sounding depth up to 30 m
 Pulse repetition rate 1 MHz
 PC interface LPT port
 Software require Windows 2000/XP
 Power supply 9-15/0,9
 Dimensions (without antenna) 260x210x80 mm


  •  Provide continuous profiles of subsurface structures during geophysical surveys;
  •  may be used in construction, archaeology, location of buried pipes, cables, voids, foundations, non-uniform inclusions, layers thickness measurement;
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