Antenna parameters measuring set

Application: The antenna measuring set is used for measuring the following parameters of antennas in the frequency range from 100 MHz up to 37 GHz:

  •  Calibration factor;
  •  Effective area;
  •  Pattern;
  •  Polarization.
Measuring set
Measuring set


  •  Personal Computer;
  •  Ling digitizer with 37 GHz bandwidth converter;
  •  Generator;
  •  Positioner;
  •  Radiating and standard antenna with tripods;
  •  Measurement software for Windows;
  •  Spare parts and accessories.

Video-pulse method for measuring antenna parameters, has the following advantages:
  •  measurements are performed without anechoic chambers;
  •  the measurements can not be detected by radio reconnaissance means;
  •  measurement time is essentially reduced;
  •  the measuring set is cost effective.


 Frequency range0,1 - 37 GHz
 Gain relative to the gain of reference antennanot less than 30 dB
 Relative measurement error of effective area and gain 1 dB
 Dynamic measurement range of antenna pattern and polarization40 dB
 Range of antenna pattern by azimuth 180 0
Rotating device:
 Angle error0,1 0
 Mast heightup to 3,5 m
 Load:100 kg
 Weight:90 kg

Example of measurement of the pulse characteristic and the pattern of special TEM Horn antenna

Pulse characteristic of antenna P6-23
Pulse characteristic of antenna P6-23

Pattern Pattern Pattern
Pattern Pattern Pattern
The pattern of the special TEM Horn antenna in E-Plane
(frequencies : 1,2,4,8,12, 18 GHz)

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