15.12.2008Together with "Supertehpribor" completed development of a "Pulse generator of general application" G5-102 и "Low-selective voltmeter" V6-17 Наверх
12.09.2008The quality system is certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003Наверх
30.12.2006New original UWB sensors for detection moving objects were developedНаверх
15.11.2006Development of two modifications devices for functional diagnostics is completedНаверх
01.11.2006 The multi-channel subsurface radar on the mobile bearing module was developed together with The Moscow Aviation Institute Наверх
05.07.2006The design of our site was updated!Top
01.06.2006The new pulse generator of wide application - G5-100 - was developedTop
11.05.2006The new version of our site has started!Top
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